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Cruising is popular among Middle Eastern travellers, and especially among travellers out of Kuwait. Cruising is different and there's a reason why it's so addictive. Cruising is the fastest growing part of the travel industry. Going away for the holidays can seem far too stressful. More and more people are realizing that vacations should be about relaxation.
If you’re looking for an opportunity to explore different countries and ports without getting yourself from destination to destination, plus packing and unpacking, a cruise ship is your answer. The nightly entertainment is fantastic, with Broadway-style shows, Cirque du Soleil performances, singers, and comedians. The kids will be kept entertained as well and will be delighted with the kid’s club and swimming pools. Some ships even have rock climbing and waterslides.
You're extremely unlikely to get bored on a cruise. The newer cruise ships are like floating cities, with everything you need onboard. 

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